About Us

Formerly known as NAN Manufacturing, we have been established in this industry since 1991 in the heart of Mid-America. US Cordset is staffed with experienced engineers and a motivated sales team. Our staff is knowledgeable and highly experienced in commercial-grade, business-grade, industrial-grade, and home cord sets. Our team can customize products to meet customer needs and specifications.  We have knowledge and experience along with a track record of making amazing products. We are a family owned and ran business who believes honesty and dedication to customers is the key to success. We are primed and ready to expand.


You save money and time having the product shipped from the USA.

We have worked long and hard to make our facility versatile. Whatever intricate and odd electrical configuration the customer requires, we can manufacture it.  US Cord Set Manufacturing provides power-supply products to various categories of customers from domestic to industrial. Our plant produces many different configurations of plugs, connectors, wiring harnesses, and many other power supply products in accordance with IEC and NEMA.  Simply put, our product line includes Power supply cords, Cord Sets, Wiring Harnesses, Coiled cords, Extension cords, processed wires, and High voltage Twist Lock Cords. Our in-process quality control procedure involves production staff working as a team with quality assurance to provide the highest quality product for our customers. Nothing slips through the cracks. There are too many filters. Beside continuity, polarization, and Hi-pot testing, we continually monitor and develop our quality control process. SQC and SPC methods are incorporated to improve our product quality every day. We manufacture our product conforming to UL cUL standards.


Our products have numerous applications meaning that our target audience will include the energy, medical, home appliance, industrial manufacturing, and electronic equipment industries.  Specifically, we specialize in manufacturing wiring harness and power supply cord sets for computers, servers, medical machinery, industrial machinery, HVAC systems, and all other needs relevant to the electrical wiring and power supply industry.

Future of the Company

The electrical wiring and power supply manufacturing sector is a very fast-growing, evolving industry. In response to this and the movement towards an e-commerce business world, US Cordset Manufacturing will continue to expand its line of products to maintain relevance in the ever-changing industries and applications.


Company Description


Mission Statement

We are US Cordset Manufacturing, and we do exactly what our name tells you: we make cord sets, here in the US. We don’t call ourselves Amazingly Wonderful Cord sets, because we know users will figure that out on their own. We’re a new business, but we are an established player.

Legal Structure

US Cord Set Manufacturing is incorporated in the state of Illinois

Market Research


US Cord Set Manufacturing will join the power-supply and electrical wiring industry. We would like to bring our products and services to the domestic and international market. Manufacturing firms structured like ours also have a history of working with clients and industries on a domestic and international level. The manufacturing industry has made a strong recovery from the economic recession. With the introduction of e-commerce platforms, this industry has gained momentum once again.

Detailed Description of Customers

The target customers for US CordSet Manufacturing are business owners, medical equipment manufacturers, HVAC manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, technology manufacturers, and other industrial equipment manufacturers, or CEOs with 5 to 1000+ employees who have a need for power supply products. We also have the potential to serve customers in the machine manufacturing related industries, with either small or large organizational structure.

In order to capitalize on geographically close opportunities, US Cord Set Manufacturing will initially target companies within the manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, HVAC, and defense industries. This will allow us to take advantage of the company’s close proximity to hospitals, automobile, and vehicle parts factories, and numerous AC & Heating machinery manufacturers.

Company Advantages

Aside from ensuring our team is flexible and fast our staff can provide expert advice and can work on short deadlines.  We take the following steps to provide supportive services:

    • Maintain a 24/7 staff support line for customers
    • Ensure account team members stay in touch with customers and keep them updated on their orders
    • Provide public speaking and customer relations training to all our client-facing staff
  • Develop close relationships with our customers and staff to ensure quality control of all our services and products.
  • Regulations

    US Cordset Manufacturing meets all Federal and State regulations concerning warehousing and manufacturing.  We have controls in place that verify and ensure all our procedures are within government laws and ethics.

    Service Line

    Products Include:

    • Straight Plug 2 Conductors
    • Straight Plug 3 Conductors 300 Volts
    • Straight 3 Conductors 600 Volts
    • Right Angle Plugs 300 Volts
    • Right Angle Plugs 600 Volts
    • Female Connector
    • IEC connectors 60320
    • Straight Hospital Grade PHG
    • Right Angle Hospital Grade PHG
    • Twist Lock Plugs
    • Twist Lock Connectors
    • IEC Jumper Cords
    • Hardwire Power Cords
    • Bulk Wire